Read Leveling With the Gods Manga Online

Read Leveling With the Gods Manga Online

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Darren090909Aug 19, 2021

This is definitely a must read. It reads quite similar to Omniscient Reader and Second Life Ranker but it has its own unique elements to it. The MC is an absolute badass and the action scenes are all extremely thrilling. Within the first 21 chapters that I’ve just binged-read, I can confidently say that this is one of my favourites just below Solo Leveling. 

The story is an extremely strong character who is unable to beat ‘The Outsiders’, as powerful as he and his comrades seem to be (the outsiders seem to be an evil force that will destroy the tower? Not sure). He is given a chance to go back in time through the sacrifice of his friends and from here, it reads like any other reincarnation rpg like manga. He knows all of the hidden rewards and things he has to do to get as strong as possible to be able to fight against his future enemies as he climbs through each floor.

Please give it a read if you’re into similar genres. It really will not disappoint. 

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